Some of the insects who visit milkweed plants


Oncopeltus fasciatura (Hemiptera), or large Milkweed bug.  The picture above shows a group of milkweed bugs in various stages of growth on a milkweed seed pod.  These bugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis.  The nymphs look just like the adults, but don’t have wings and are a different color.

Oleander aphids on milkweed pod

Oleander aphids on milkweed pod.

Oleander aphids, Aphis nerii, are bright yellow aphids that feed on several ornamental plants within the Apocynaceae family.  You may see an occasional brownish looking aphid in the bunch.  These have been parasitized by the parasitoid wasp, Lysiphelbus testaceips.

If you get a chance, look closely at a milkweed plant.  Chances are, it will be covered with insects of all kinds.