Air plants?

The Tucker Greenhouse has a very nice collection of ‘Air plants’….Air plants sort grow in the air.  More accurately they kind of attach themselves, or hang on to other plants (epiphytes), and they get their water from rain, or humidity in the air.  They are members of the Bromeliaceae family, otherwise known as Bromeliads.  A well known epiphytic air plant is Spanish Moss.  It is found in the South Eastern US and often grows on Live Oak trees.    Bromeliads can be epiphytic, or terrestrial (grows in soil).  An economically important terrestrial bromeliad is the pineapple plant  The flowers of bromeliads are typically very colorful and showy, and their leaves are arranged in basal rosettes to ‘capture’ more water.  Leaves are often stiff, leathery and have serrated or saw-like leaf margins.

Bromeliads are native to the forests, deserts, and mountains of Central and South America.

colorfu flowers

Tillandsia sp. flowers found in the Bromeliaceae family