Amazon Lily….A fragrant bloom for a change

Eucharis grandiflora, commonly called the Amazon Lily, is found in the Amaryllidaceae family, the same family as Daffodils and Amaryllis.

The Amazon Lily is a shade loving plant with hosta-like leaves, native to Ecuador, & it grows from a bulb, much like that of a daffodil.  Its beautiful, fragrant white flowers bloom at different times of the year, but our Tucker greenhouse specimen is blooming right now in the northern greenhouse, on the eastern most bench.  If you look closely at one of the flowers, you’ll see that the six stamens (male parts of the flower) are arranged in a staminal cup surrounding the pistil (female part of flower).  The fragrance of these flowers gets stronger throughout the day.  It’s sort of sweet & spicy.  Check it out!

imge of a white flower

   Eucharis grandiflora

image of a white flower

Amazon Lily scapose inflorescence

image of a white flower

Side view of flower showing the six stamens