Knowledge blooming in greenhouse today

Tucker Greenhouse was an “archeological site” for a group of local 4th and 5th graders participating in MU’s Science Safari program. The kids found “artifacts” hidden amongst the plants, mapped the area, and catalogued bones and stone tools.


One of the “artifacts” at the archaeological site.


Students mapping the site.


One of the students looking for artifacts.


Succulents are so cool!

image of a succulent plant with pink blooms

Monadenium ritchiei

Monadenium ritchiei, is a succulent plant found in the Euphorbiaceae family.  It is a native of Kenya.  All parts of this plant are poisonous.   Genera of the family Euphorbiaceae often have milky, toxic sap.  Some of the most economically important plants are found within this family.  For example, from the genus Hevea, we get latex rubber, from Ricinus, we get castor oil & ricin, from Manihot we get manioc, cassava, and tapioca, &  from the genus Euphorbia we get Poinsettias.

The tiny pink blooms on Monadenium ritchiei are actually inflorescences called ‘cyathiums’.  This plant is drought-tolerant and very suitable for xeriscaping in arid regions.