Blooms, fruit, & color for a cold winter day

banana flower

Bananas are just starting to bloom!

Bananas are found in the genus Musa, and the family Musacaceae.  Check out these photos of banana plants just beginning to bloom in the north room of the Tucker greenhouse.

banana flower

Close-up of yellow bracts, male stamens, and baby green bananas

Also, the Tucker greenhouse now has a large Papaya tree (courtesy of Josh with the Campus Grounds Crew)….check out the large papayas hanging from the top of this tree.

Carica papaya found in the Caricaceae family

Carica papaya found in the Caricaceae family

The Tucker greenhouse also has a really nice Coffee plant.  Right now it’s filled with ripened coffee ‘beans’….It’s located in a shady area in the tropical room in the north east corner.

red coffee berries

Coffea arabica found in the Rubiaceae family

Also, the Tucker greenhouse has a beautiful yellow Hibiscus plant blooming most of the year.  In the photo below, the ‘Tucker greenhouse volunteer extraordinaire’, Natalie, is showcasing its beauty.

yellow flower

Natalie & Hibiscus bloom

The photo below is a close-up of the specialized pistil and stamens found on this beautiful Hibiscus flower.

yellow flower

Hibiscus sp. found in the Malvaceae family

And lastly, the two photos below are of two different types of Orchids found in the Orchidaceae family.  The first is a terrestrial orchid called Haemaria discolor. The second is a close-up of the gynostemiun of a Phalaenopsis orchid.  All orchids are located in the north room on the east bench.

whwhite and yellow orchid flower

Haemaria discolor or Ludisia discolor.  Commonly called jewel orchid