End of fall semester! What is blooming or fruiting in the Tucker Greenhouse on Stop Day?

pink flower

Billbergia nutans, Queen’s Tears, found in the Bromeliaceae family.

orange flower

Caesalpinnia pulcherrima, Pride of Barbados, found in the Fabaceae family.

white flower

Eucharis grandiflora, Amazon Lily,  found in the Amaryllidaceae family.

maroon seed pod

Theobroma cacao, cacao tree seed pod (chocolate), Malavaceae family.

white flower

Cactaceae family, found in the desert room.

white flowers

Cordyline sp., Giant Palm Lily,  found in the Asparagaceae family.

white orchid

Orchidaceae family.

red flower

Euphorbia pulcherrima, Poinsettia, found in the  Euphorbiaceae family.

pink color

Adenium obesum, Desert rose, found in the Apocynaceae family.

white flower

Pentas sp.,  found in the Rubiaceae family.

pink orchid


Colors on a rainy day

red flowers

Ixora coccinea, commonly called Jungle Geranium, is found in the Rubiaceae family (same family as coffee)

pink flower

Mimosa pudica, or Sensitive plant, found in the Fabaceae family, subfamily Mimosoideae

white flower

Plumeria sp., found in the Apocynaceae family

pink flower

Adenium obesum, or Desert Rose, is also found in the Apocynaceae family.

blue flower

Salvia azurea, or Blue Sage, is found in the Lamiaceae family.