Curry Leaf, or Curry Tree

white flower

Murraya koenigii, commonly called Curry Leaf, is found in the Rutaceae (Citrus) family.

The Curry Tree or Curry Leaf plant is very fragrant.  The flowers are fragrant, the leaves are fragrant, the whole plant is simply fragrant!  This tropical plant is native to the moist forests of south Asia. The fresh leaves of the plant are used as a flavoring in Indian/Asian cuisine.

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The Tucker Greenhouse Curry Leaf plant is located in the main hallway at the entrance to the greenhouse. When you find it, feel free to gently pull off a small leaf and crush it in your hands, or simply smell the flowers. The aroma is tantalizing.  If these flowers produce seeds, I’ll be planting them a.s.a.p.

The genus name Murraya, pays honor to Johann Andreas Murray, a Swedish professor of medicine and botany in the 1700’s.