Drimia maritima or Sea Squill is blooming!

Drimia maritime, commonly known as Sea Squill is found in the Asparagaceae family, and the subfamily Scilloideae. Sea Squill grows from a very large bulb, and is native to southwestern Eurasia, and north African coastal regions (mainly along the Mediterranean Sea). This large bulb sends up 8 to 10 leaves in the spring, and by fall these large, leathery, linear leaves die back. At that point, the bulb then produces a tall spike-like racemose inflorescence (blooming first from the bottom upwards).

The Tucker greenhouse Sea Squill is located in the succulent room to the left of the entrance doors.  Come in and check out this one meter tall inflorescence!

white flowers

Drimia marítima inflorescence spike

white flowers

Close-up of flowers on spike

brown bulb

The large bulb minus leaves. Note the inflorescence spike emerging from the center of the bulb

white flowers

Numerous flowers on spike