Excavation has begun!

In the spring of 2014, a City of Columbia garbage truck parked on the north side of the Tucker greenhouse had a leak in its brake line.  When the brake line finally broke, it sprayed hot hydraulic fluid all over the north flower bed, saturating the soil and completely covering the vegetation on two existing trees, an Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperous virginiana) and a Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica).

The City of Columbia paid to have Campus Grounds Crew cut down the two dead trees, and remove all contaminated soil.  The ground crew will bring in brand new ‘glade-like’ soil, a well drained mix.  They’ll also replace all large rocks (in an artistic manner), and we will then fill this bed with native Missouri woodland and glade plants, and perhaps even a native shrub or tree too. Stay tuned, as this is a work in progress!

Tucker Greenhouse north tower bed.

Tucker Greenhouse north flower bed.

Rock removal

Rock removal was very tricky so close to the greenhouse glass.



All trees and soil removed successfully!

All trees and soil removed successfully!