Ginger Lily

Alpina speciosa or ginger lily, is found in the Zingiberaceae family. This partuclar plant is found growing in the tropical greenhouse (the fish pond room). It is located at the end of the dock toward the west side of the greenhouse. The genus name comes from Prospero Alpini, an Italian botanist from the 17th century. This particular species of ginger is native to Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

I pulled a flower off of a blooming inflorescence in the tropical room and decided to dissect it and photograph it.  See the photos below and their descriptions.

yellow flower

Alpinia speciosa or ginger lily found in the Zingiberaceae family.  Note two stamens surrounding a stigma in the middle.  Note the bright, colorful, orange nectar guides which alert pollinators to the nectar located inside of the flower.

white flowers

Ginger lily flower with petals (tepals) removed

Tepal with nectar guides on the left and two stamens on the right

Tepal on the left with nectar guides and two stamens on the right

orange flower

Longitudinal section of a dissected, inferior ovary at the top, and stamens below.  If you look very closely at the dissected ovary, the half section on the left still has the style attached.  If you look closely at the base of the style you’ll see a yellow nectary.  These flowers are pollinated by large bees, and sometimes even bats.

male part of flower

Stamen with style protruding.  If you look closely at the stamen, you can see white pollen.