Jerusalem Artichokes blooming in the Tucker Mini-Prairie

Helianthus tuberosus, commonly called Jerusalem Artichoke, is found in the Asteraceae family.  It is native to eastern North America.  It’s often cultivated for its edible tuber which happens to be very high carbohydrates. These tubers can be cooked like any root vegetable.  If you were to dig up a Jerusalem artichoke plant, you would find tuberous roots that look very much like ginger root.  They are 7-10 cm long.  When harvesting the tubers, the Jerusalem artichoke stalks should be dug up after flowering and after a few frosts. This insures that the tubers will be more easily digested.  There are currently lots of Jerusalem Artichokes blooming in the Tucker Mini-Prairie.  I plan to mark the stalks and dig up a few plants later this fall.  I’ll post photographs of the tubers too.  I may even roast some tubers with garlic and olive oil.

image of yellow sunflower

  Helianthus tuberosa