June 16th blooms in Tucker Hall flower beds

yellow flower

Coreopsis tinctoria, commonly called Plains coreopsis, is found in the Asteraceae family.

white flower

Cephalanthus occidentalis, or Buttonbush, is found in the Rubiaceae family. This small tree happens to be the Missouri State Champion tree.  It is located on the south side of the Tucker Greenhouse.

yellow flower

Silphium perfoliatum, or Cup plant, is found in the Asteraceae family.

red and yellow flower

Ratibida columnifera, or Mexican hat, is found in the Asteraceae family.

orange flower

Bee on Asclepius tuberosa, commonly called milkweed, found in the Apocynaceae family.

yellow flower

Opuntia humifusa, or Prickly pear, is found in the Cactaceae family.

pink flower

Saponaria officinalis, or Soapwort, is found in the Caryophyllaceae family