Random St. Patrick’s Day blooms & unusual leaves

green flowers

Small, tightly compacted flowers of Chenopodium quinoa or ‘Quinoa’ is found in the Amaranthaceae family and subfamily Chenopodioideae. This edible plant (seeds of Quinoa are very nutritious) is a ‘demonstration’ plant grown for Bio Sci 3210, Plant Systematics class.

purple flowers

Viola sp. found in the Violaceae family is another ‘demonstration’ plant for the Bio Sci 3210 class, Plant Systematics.  These flowers are actually edible.  Great in green salads!

pink flower

Bougainvillea sp. found in the Nyctaginaceae family is now in full bloom in the Tucker Greenhouse.  We have four very large plants, all in beautiful shades of salmon to pink

red flower

Gossypium sp. or ‘cotton’ is found in the Malvaceae family. It’s being grown as a ‘demonstration’ plant as well.  The flower is still undeveloped. What you are seeing are large, leaf-like bracts surrounding the undeveloped flower bud.  Once these blooms open, I’ll be posting more pictures of the flowers.

chocolate pod

This is a chocolate ‘bean’ growing on a Theobroma cacao tree otherwise known as ‘chocolate’. It is found in the Malvaceae family too.  When this chocolate bean is fully ripe, it will turn a bright orangish- yellow.  

white lemon flower

Citrus x meyerii, or Meyer Lemon found in the Rutaceae family has just started to bloom.

green leaves

Agave sp. leaves. Agave plants are found in the Asperagaceae family.  The indentations you see were created from previous leaves.  These indentations show up on the backsides of new leaves.